Sir Ralph Pendlebury Memorial Hall Sir Ralph Pendlebury Memorial Hall Pendlebury Hall front This hall was designed by architect J.W. Beaumont and erected 1881-2. It was founded through the bequest of Ralph Pendlebury who started his working life as an apprentice to a handloom weaver, but later built and owned mills in Stockport. The 98 feet high central tower has cupolas and impressive elevations and interiors. 187722794 Hall plaque 187722783 Sir Ralph Pendlebury Sir Ralph Pendlebury Knt. J.P. of Heaton Norris was Mayor of Stockport in 1838. He died on 9th November 1861. He created a charity with an endowment of 100,000 from which was erected this memorial building for orphans, which was opened in 1881.The building was lent to the Stockport Division of the Red Cross Society by the Governors of the Sir Ralph Pendlebury Society for Orphans and was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers from November 1914 to May 1919. 187722796 Tower The hall has resident ghosts, a one armed soldier, a white lady, a lady in pink, a monk, and children. 187722798 Gargoyles 187722790 Roof vent 187722795 Collage of six terracotta mouldings 187722784 Rose window - rear entrance 187722789 Rose window 187722805 chandaliers 187722785 Dining room view 187722786 Hall screen 187722787 hallway 187722788 RP mosaic in hallway 187722793 Hallway 187722791 Main hall counter 187722792 Bust of Sir Ralph Pendlebury 187722797 Stained glass windows 187722806 Tower - wooden spiral staircase 187722800 Tower - wooden spiral staircase 187722799 View west 187722801 Norris Tower view westview 187722802 Lancashire Hill tower blocks view Lancashire Hill tower blocks view 187722803 View north from tower 187722804