Some shots of the George's Road area. Some shots of the George's Road area. George's Road 2 185762519 George's Road 1 185762365 George's Road 3 185763652 George's Road 4 185764245 George's Road 5 185764087 George's Road 6 185773272 George's Road 7 185773104 George's Road 8 The top of George's Road close to the junction with Wellington Road (A6). Christ Church steeple can be seen in the background. Today this is the only part of the church that remains. 187143419 George's Road 9 187355686 George's Road 10 187357725 Brunswick Street Brunswick street with the appropriately named hostelry. The landlord of this pub was Samuel Schofield up to his death in 1961. 185773173 Truck leaving Rooth St, turning right into Georges Rd. 186828675 Bridge Inn 2001 192072600 Higher Bury St./ Rooth St. 186828870 Rear Of Higher Bury St. 186828786 Gardeners Arms 1960s 192072601 Looking down Higher Bury St. 186833380 Higher Bury St, Wilmslow St. was through the entry 186833532 Higher Bury St 187088362 Higher Bury St, Becks Yard 187088410 Andrews Street connecting Wyclffe Street and Wellington Road N. 187144763 Wilmslow Court and Wallers Court This pic shows the back of the houses on Higher Bury Street. 187229038 Milner Street and builders yard just before demolition 187229487 Bridge Inn Georges Road 187231993 Bowerfold Lane 187355366 Another shot of Wycliffe Street just off George's Road 187461256 Longsight Street Showing entry to Epsom Court. 187655479 Terrace Place 187656177 Andrews street 2 187429837 Brunswick Street 2 187656437 Heaton Norris Map circa 1893 187795710 Heaton Norris in 60's A to Z 187795851 O/S Map of George's Road in 1960's 187796016 George's Raod area 1893 187849431 Bridge Inn Trip mid Sixties 187905642 Bridge Inn Trip mid Sixties 187905643 Bridge Inn Trip mid Sixties 187905644 My Dad in Hunt and Riggs coal lorry on Georges Rd. 187905648 Gardeners Arms 187905751 187907363 Gardeners Arms 188659904 WW2 Bomb crater Heaton Norris Goods Yard 187907559 Some friends in"The Big Yard" (Ardwick court) 187682008 Jim Shepley in The Big yard (background) 191165725 My Dad far left, Albert Scisson 4th from left 187911595 Raymond Briscoe and Jeff White in Big Yard 191166061 Another shot of the big yard Pete Tarmy on middle right in white T-shirt. And Blackie, his dog on left. 196874180 Georges Road Rail Bridge 188289377 190893450 Wycliffe Street off George's Road 191516791 Todd Street. This is a shot of Todd street, showing Huxley shop on the corner of Longsight Street. 203177208 Wycliffe Sunday School Parade 1962/3 (1) 203178111 203657043 Heaton Norris Rail Station undergoing demolition. 203657044 Rooth Street. This photo is actually of Rooth Street. The plate in the picture actually is the name of the courtyard accessible through the passage. 203657046 The Gardeners Arms. This pic shows the Gardeners Arms pub on the corner of George's Road under the bridge and Heaton Lane. 203662315 Another "Big Yard" shot. This is Ardwick Court or "The big Yard". It shows Jim Shepley, Shirley White and Jeff White in the pram. 203662343 Heaton lane Heaton Lane ,showing the viaduct and Cantrell & Cochrane soft drinks factory on the the right. 203662356 Elsie Ardern Elsie Ardern outside our back door on Todd street. 204861857 Dorothy Ardern and cousin. Dorothy Ardern on left sat with her cousin (name unknown) in big yard. 204861859 Todd Street 1 Todd Street From the Georges Road end. The entry to Ardwick Court ("The Big Yard") in centre of pic. Huxley's shop is seen on far right. 204861915 Todd Street 2 Todd Street looking from the junction with Longsight Street near Huxley's shop. 204861919 Milner Street 204861982 Back of Higher Bury Street Back of Higher Bury Street near "the Bonk" 204861985 CHRIST CHURCH SCHOOL - 2010 206191398